The Company

Kingston Mills 1938Kingston Mills 1938
James Henry AshworthJames Henry Ashworth 1925
Frank Ashworth 1911-1976Frank Ashworth 1911-1976
JHA and Cheshire ribbon 1945JHA and Cheshire ribbon 1945
Ismail Karodia 2012Ismail Karodia 2012
John and Roger Ashworth 1994John and Roger Ashworth 1994
J H Ashworth Staff - 2012J H Ashworth staff 2012
Kingston Mills 2005Kingston Mills 2005

JH Ashworth & Son Ltd is a private limited company and has been involved in yarn processing since 1938.

J H Ashworth & Son Ltd was founded by James Henry Ashworth, son of Charles Ashworth of Charles Ashworth & Co Ltd, cotton yarn doublers and twiners since the late 1800’s. As the cotton Industry declined in the North of England in the 1930’s James Henry Ashworth diversified into synthetic fibres and founded J.H Ashworth & Son Ltd at Junction Mill, Oxford Street, Ashton-under-Lyne in 1938 and twisted viscose yarn for the trimmings and home furnishing industry. J.H. Ashworth & Son grew and developed under the control and management of James’ son Frank Ashworth. In 1969 the company bought and moved into Kingston Mills in Hyde at the same time acquiring The Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Co Ltd.

The company continued and went on to process and stock a wide range of dyed and undyed filament viscose, nylon and polyester yarns under the management of Roger and John Ashworth.

The Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Co Ltd, now Textile Technologies Europe Ltd, moved into specialised insulation tapes and technical products and has been steered by Edward Ashworth (John’s son). Edward bought out Textile Technologies Europe Ltd in 2011.

The current company shareholders of J.H.Ashworths are Charlotte and Elizabeth Ashworth the daughters of Roger and John Ashworth respectively. They are both directors of the company and play a very active role in moving the company forward today.

Ismail Karodia is the Managing Director of JH Ashworth & Son Ltd. He has been employed at Ashworths for over 20 years. He has over 35 years textile industry experience in spinning, weaving, quality control and filament yarn processing.

The sales office contact is Mrs June Crook who has been with the company over 35 years. June’s excellent knowledge of our product range helps provide excellent communication and service to our customers.

Ashworths also benefits from a fantastic team of highly experienced staff from administration through to operatives who help Ashworths’ provide high quality products in a flexible capacity.

Kingston Mills is situated in Hyde, 7 miles southeast of Manchester city centre. The site is well serviced by the Motorway Network. Please see Google map or Sat Nav. postcode: SK14 2BZ