Dyed Textured Polyester

J H Ashworth have one of the largest ranges of dyed textured polyester yarns in the UK and Europe in a range of counts, ply’s, and twists. We are able to supply both yarn dyed and dope dyed polyester.

All enquiries welcome.

Colour samples

  • Medium Grey (PG215) PG215: Medium Grey
  • Sahara Beige (PG268) PG268: Sahara Beige
  • Wardle Grey (PG271) PG271: Wardle Grey
  • Turquoise (PG390) PG390: Turquoise
  • Cerise (PG391) PG391: Cerise
  • Jade (PG392) PG392: Jade
  • Emerald (PG517) PG517: Emerald
  • Dark Coffee (PG542) PG542: Dark Coffee
  • Grey (PG544) PG544: Grey
  • Light Grey (PG570) PG570: Light Grey
  • Light Fawn (PG591) PG591: Light Fawn
  • Black (PG615) PG615: Black

Disclaimer: Whilst the sample colours on this website are close representations of our stock yarn shades they may not match exactly and therefore we advise that a dyed yarn sample is requested from us for you to match and approve before order.