Dyed Textured Nylon (Polyamide 6)

J H Ashworth also supply one of the largest range of dyed textured Nylon yarns in the UK and Europe in a range of different counts, ply’s, and twists.

All enquiries welcome.

Colour samples

  • Azure Blue (GB3981) GB3981: Azure Blue
  • Black (GB1889) GB1889: Black
  • Emerald (GB3983) GB3983: Emerald
  • Royal (GB1779) GB1779: Royal
  • Orange (GB3980) GB3980: Orange
  • New Red (GB3982) GB3982: New Red
  • White (GB1075) GB1075: White
  • Purple (GB3989) GB3989: Purple
  • Fluo Pink (GB3988) GB3988: Fluo Pink
  • Sky Blue (GB3985) GB3985: Sky Blue
  • Canary Yellow (GB3984) GB3984: Canary Yellow
  • Light Pink (GG1401) GG1401: Light Pink

Disclaimer: Whilst the sample colours on this website are close representations of our stock yarn shades they may not match exactly and therefore we advise that a dyed yarn sample is requested from us for you to match and approve before order.